“At TourTripX, our mission is to create exceptional travel experiences that inspire and transform. We aim to connect travellers with the India’s diverse landscape, fostering cultural understanding, and leaving a positive impact on the destinations we serve.”


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“To be the leading provider of transformative travel experiences, renowned for our dedication to customer satisfaction, innovation, and responsible tourism. We strive to be the trusted companion for every traveler’s journey of exploration and self-discovery.”

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Santosh Singh


“TourTripX is driven by our commitment to excellence and innovation. We aim to redefine the travel industry, creating extraordinary experiences that captivate hearts and minds.”


Utkarsh Chauhan


We are dedicated to delivering exceptional services and ensuring your journey is filled with joy, discovery, and cherished memories. Discover India with us!


Vinod Sharma

Leisure Travel Expert

With 15 years at Sarovar Hotels, Mr. Vinod Sharma, a seasoned hospitality pro, guarantees top-notch customer satisfaction, enhancing TourTripX’s promise of unforgettable travel experiences.


Amit Ojha

Spiritual Travel Expert

Amit Ojha, an 8+ year veteran in Spiritual Tourism, excels in curating profound journeys. His expertise ensures impeccable service and transformation for all travellers in spiritual destinations.


Anmol Awasthi

CEO TTX Rewards

Anmol Awasthi, CEO of TTX Rewards, leverages 5+ years of profound industry experience, spearheading innovation and excellence in the dynamic realm of tourism.


Nidhi Modi

Travel Executive

Nidhi Modi, a Travel Executive with 2+ years of industry acumen, adeptly navigates the realm of travel, offering expertise and tailored solutions.

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